We’re thrilled to welcome Nickolas Kaminski, or “Nick” as he prefers, to the Perfect Balance Accounting team! Nick joined us in September 2023, bringing a fresh perspective and a thirst for knowledge. Let’s get to know him better: Hometown Hero: Born and raised in Chicago, Nick recently settled in Trevor, WI with his wife. Though… Read More

As the new year unfolds, our team at Perfect Balance Accounting Services, LLC is deeply engaged in the intricate world of 1099 accounting. If you’ve entrusted us with your 1099 processing needs, you’re already familiar with our commitment to precision and efficiency. Understanding 1099 Forms: A Must For Every Business But first, let’s address a… Read More

Picture this: You’re the captain of your business ship, navigating through the tumultuous seas of entrepreneurship. You’ve got a vision, a mission, and a plan. But there’s one thing that often gets overlooked in your grand journey—the financial statements. You’re not alone in this; many business owners, especially those not fond of numbers, tend to… Read More

Welcome back to our empowering blog series on financial literacy! In our previous blog posts, “Demystifying Financial Statements and Notes“, “Helping Your Financial Data Literacy“, and “Leveraging Financial Data for Business Success,” we explored the foundational elements of financial literacy and the power of leveraging financial data for business success. Now, we delve deeper into… Read More

Welcome back to our empowering blog series on financial literacy! In our previous two blog posts, “Demystifying Financial Statements and Notes“ and “Perfect Balance Accounting Helps Your Financial Data Literacy,” we laid the groundwork for understanding essential financial concepts and the significance of financial statements and notes. Now, we take the next step on this… Read More

In the world of financial literacy, understanding financial statements is paramount. These powerful tools provide a window into the financial health and performance of your business! Perfect Balance Accounting Services helps clients gain a deeper comprehension of these statements and their accompanying notes. The notes are crucial to making informed financial decisions. In this blog… Read More

At Perfect Balance Accounting Services, we understand how financial literacy is a vital component for a business’s success. It encompasses the knowledge and skills required to comprehend and effectively manage the financial aspects of your business, including understanding the intricate relationship between your finances and the overall performance of your company. At Perfect Balance, we… Read More

This past Wednesday (April 26, 2023), Perfect Balance Accounting owner Laura DeGroot gave an informative presentation to an Intro to Business course at Carthage College. The presentation focused largely on tax laws and business classifications, such as LLCs, partnerships, and S-corps. Nearly 20 students in the Business Economics department attended the presentation and gained valuable… Read More

Every year, scams steal millions of dollars from unsuspecting people, as well as stealing their personal information. The scams are getting harder and harder to detect. Here are some of the things to watch for. 1. Social Security Numbers: Getting access to your social security number is the holy grail for scammers. Once they have… Read More

  You are Not Alone If you’re feeling stressed because you haven’t filed your taxes yet, we want you to know that you’re not alone. Many people find themselves in this situation for a variety of reasons, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. The important thing is to take action and get your taxes… Read More