2023 Tax Deadlines

It is essential to have knowledge of tax deadlines as a business owner or as an individual for several reasons:

  1. Avoid Penalties: Missing tax deadlines can result in penalties and interest charges, which can add up quickly and create a financial burden for individuals and businesses.
  2. Plan ahead: Knowing the tax deadlines allows individuals and businesses to plan ahead and prepare their tax returns, gather necessary documents and information, and ensure they have enough funds to pay their taxes when due.
  3. Avoid audits: Late or inaccurate tax filings can also increase the likelihood of an audit by the IRS or state tax authority. By meeting tax deadlines and submitting accurate returns, individuals and businesses can minimize their risk of an audit.
  4. Maintain good standing: Staying current on tax deadlines demonstrates a commitment to compliance and can help maintain good standing with tax authorities, which can be important when seeking financing or other business opportunities.
  5. Take advantage of deductions and credits: Filing taxes on time can also ensure that individuals and businesses can take advantage of available tax deductions and credits, which can reduce their tax liability and increase their refunds.

Below are the most notable tax deadlines

  • Partnership Income Tax Returns – 03/15/2023
  • S-Corporation Income Tax Returns – 03/15/2023
  • Trust Fiduciary Income Tax Returns – 04/18/2022
  • C-Corporation Income Tax Returns – 04/18/2023
  • Individual Income Tax Returns – 04/18/2023

File Your Taxes With Perfect Balance

Knowing tax deadlines is a crucial aspect of providing quality tax services. It establishes trustworthiness with clients when it comes to filing taxes. Here are some reasons why:


We stay up-to-date on the latest tax regulations and deadlines. This knowledge ensures that we as a firm are providing accurate and timely tax preparation services, which can save clients from potential penalties and fines.

Attention to detail:

Knowing this information helps us plan ahead and allocate resources to complete tax returns accurately and efficiently. This ensures accuracy and prevents errors in filing, which could result in delays, audits, or other issues.


Knowing these dates helps us inform clients so we can plan ahead. This accessibility establishes trust and helps clients feel confident that their tax needs are being met.


Communication with clients well in advance of tax deadlines is key to ensuring that all necessary documents and information are gathered and filed on time. This approach helps clients avoid the stress and uncertainty of last-minute filings, and it demonstrates the firm’s commitment to serving clients’ best interests.

Knowing these tax deadlines is critical in providing trustworthy tax services. Perfect Balance stays informed and communicates effectively with clients to establish reliable partnerships for filing taxes and helping clients achieve financial success.