Every year, millions of Americans check the box by ‘paying their taxes.’ Some file individually, others hire a tax office to do their taxes for them. What often happens is someone files their taxes and then forgets about it until their tax return shows up. But doing your taxes shouldn’t be something you casually check the box on each year. It is so much more than washing the dishes or taking the out the trash. A tax consultant gives specific advice on a number of important factors related to your taxes. Below we’ll discuss how tax consultants work with their clientele, the qualifications of a tax consultant, and what skills should be present in a tax consultant.


Everyone has a different financial situation. A smaller percentage has insight into what that financial situation is saying. Tax consultants evaluate what is going on with their clients financially and then present the information in a way the client is able to understand along with the options the client has. They do this by setting appointments with their clients and getting to know them, as well as analyze the information the client shares. A tax consultant is able to calculate estimates, as well as help the client find credits, deductions, and adjustments. You are in good hands with a tax consultant if you feel like they know what is going on with your job, your family and your life, because your finances impact each of these areas. If a tax consultant is not in touch with the different areas of your life, they aren’t doing a very good job at finding out the intricacies within your finances.


A tax consultant should possess the following qualifications:


A high value tax consultant partner should be a great communicator. They should be proactive in how they engage with their clients and should be able to deliver information they find in a timely manner that is easy for the client to understand. A tax consultant should also be well versed as a numerical analyst. A tax consultant’s work is entrenched in numbers, and they should be able to speak the language of numbers with fluidity and elegance. A tax consultant should also put a premium on serving their clients. A client knows they have a great tax consultant when they feel their tax consultant is their team member who cares about their finances and how it impacts their life.

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