Small Business Budgeting Mistakes

Mistakes happen in life. But budgeting mistakes can be a little more costly than what you’ve bargained for. Here is a list of some common small business budgeting errors you want to avoid.

Underestimating Costs
There will always be additional ancillary or incidental costs which are left out of the budget. An example would be buying new software or pieces of equipment you need in a pinch. This doesn’t only include the cost of the equipment, but also the time and cost of training employees, which often times is overlooked.

Not Budgeting for Taxes
There are a number of different taxes you will need to pay when running a business. Since they only come a few times a year, remembering to budget enough money for them is difficult. Things such as Income, Employment, Sales and Property taxes all require budgeting funds to cover.

Failing to Adjust your Budget
Things change. Sometimes you will need to adjust your budget to allow for unforeseen circumstances. Don’t be afraid to adjust your budget as you need to. Set aside time to compare the budget estimates vs. your actual spent multiple times year.

Poorly Managing Expenses
A common mistake is excessive spending once more money is being generated. Naturally you will want to give your customers greater value, however it can be easy forget to budget these ambitions and overspend. You will need to make sure to budget your income separate from money that’s going out.

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